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NewJersey License Plate Support our troops

Sign up to bolt one on for the troops!

As soon as 500 people have signed up online, we can get the MVS will begin manufacture of the plates.

To order your plate:

  1. Join the free online SOT Community.
  2. Then come back to this page and pay using the"NJ Plate payment" button in the right margin of this webpage. The amount is $50, and $25 at renewal. Of the initial $50, the State MVS keeps $25. This $50 is a flat rate and revenue neutral to you regardless of where you are in your renewal cycle; it does not affect your normal registration fees, so act today!

Just before we submit the list of plate applicants to the MVS we will contact you to obtain your current license plate number for the vehicle you want to put the plate on.

Spread the word. Please send this page to everyone else here in New Jersey you think would be interested.

They Support Us -- Let's Support Them!â„¢

Notes and Rules.

A letter has been lodged with the Motor Vehicle Commission establishing our intent to issue this plate. In their initial response to us the State MVS stated "designs on organizational plates ... may serve only to identify the organization." As our logo is a registered trademark, it is reasonably presumable that like the other organization plates which exist it will be appear as above on the plate. They also state that the plate design "may not contain an advocacy message or slogan." Here, again, "Support Our Troops" and "Salute Our Heroes" are the registered company names by which we conduct ourselves. We are unable at this date to determine how this aspect of the plate design will evolve, but are confident that Americans will resolve it properly. We note these matters so that you and we are in agreement that the final design of the plate may vary somewhat from that depicted, but that the agreement to purchase is binding regardless of the final design.  It's the troops and their families that are important here.