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Kentucky License Plate Support our troops Support Our Troops® would like to have our official Support Our Troops! plate available in Kentucky as part of our comprehensive program.  This is what it could look like.  We are working on it, but the specialty plate system presently makes little sense and does little good for the groups sponsoring a plate.

Specialty plates are an excellent area where charities and the government can cooperate, since both by definition work for the public benefit.

If you are, or know of, an honest, strong, principled, properly-positioned Legislator willing to help us revise the specialty plate statute to make this happen and improve the performance of all specialty plates, please contact us.

Having created this plate in some 26 states to date,   and rewritten the methodology in several to do it, we have knowledge and expertise which may benefit  both the State and the groups having plates.

The plate is a simple direct means through which we can all step up for those who have stepped up for all of us.

Until we have this done, you can continue to show your support through purchases of our trademark Support Our Troops! front vanity license plates, available in our online store.

Join the online SOT Community (it's free) and we'll keep you posted. You can also separately tell us if you would like to help.

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