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Arizona License Plate - Support Our Troops SupportOurTroops.Org  would like to see our trademark Support Our Troops! plate here in Arizona.

Arizona has a system in which charitable groups may have a specialty license plate administratively issued.   Support Our Troops® assembled the necessary signatures, and otherwise met the requirements, and in 2007 submitted an application for the Support Our Troops! plate to the MVD.  The MVD subsequently informed SOT® that due to unrelated pending litigation, the MVD was not currently administratively issuing specialty plates.

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Although widely accepted and unanimously approved in other states, our trademark Support Our Troops! license plate is still not available in Arizona, and odd happenings have been encountered along the way.   The fact is, there's a war on and one would think decency would require all impediments and smallness be swept aside in a split second to benefit the troops.

House Legislation.

Therefore, in 2008 Rep. Jonathan Paton  (R-District 30) sponsored a bill to create the plate Support Our Troops! license plate.   Rep. Paton is a First Lieutenant in the US Army, and he volunteered for active duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Rep.  Jerry Weirs (R-District 12), has also greatly assisted with the legislation.

Under Rep. Paton's fine stewardship,  the House, Democrats and Republicans, passed the Support Our Troops! license plate bill unanimously on February 11, 2008.

These good men stood up for the men and women who daily stand up for all of us. Nothing was asked.  Nothing was given.  Each just did the wise and right thing.  And without these men, the troops and their families would not be on the verge of having the benefit of this great new plate.   And for that we thank them on behalf of all the active duty troops and their families who will benefit from this plate.

And we also thank all the Republican and Democrat members of the House who rightly voted unanimously for this bill.

Senate Legislation.

The Support Our Troops! license plate bill then went to the Senate,  where we anticipated quick progress.

But at the last moment, an individual who has another local charity  appeared, and sowed confusion.  The result was (a) progress was lost on this important project for the troops and their families and (b) thousands of dollars of charity revenue and resources which had been invested in it were wasted instead of benefiting the troops.   Not a good thing for the troops.   Rather than creating her own funding ideas and sources, she suggested altering our plate's name to something else and diverting the funds to her group.  That failing, she cast  dispersions to create leverage to try and achieve her end of diverting the plate funds to her group.

It is the American way that successful people and groups create their own ideas.   Or at  least it used to be.  Success is found not in taking another's idea or programs, but in creating one's own, and successful charities are not in the business of snatching money from other charities.

The Support Our Troops! license plate project was conceived by Support Our Troops®.  It is patriot private money designed to work creatively for the active troops and their families.  SOT®, and only SOT, thought it up and did it.

Because of the foregoing, everything the plate could have done for the troops between 2008 and now has been lost.  A sad showing.

Equity rewards the diligent, and we are confident that such unpleasant tactics and proposals will come to be properly rejected and the Support Our Troops! plate can be issued so we may move forward with good works for the troops who are doing for much for all of us.

Pending Issuance.

Until we have all this done,  you can continue to show your support with our trademark front vanity license plates, available in metal or plastic,  available in our online store.

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