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Bolt one on for the troops!

To order your Support Our Troops! plate:

  1. Join the online SOT Community.
  2. Pay $25 using the "SD Plate Payment" button in the right margin of this webpage.
  3. We will send you the materials you need to present to your local County Treasurer for your plate. They will charge you a $10 change fee in the first year only. After that, annual renewal is $25 per year to Support Our Troops®, and your normal registration fee to the DMV.

Please send the link to this page along to anyone else here in South Dakota you think would buy the plate.

This plate is a simple way we can all step up for those who have stepped up for all of us.

Spread the word! The first plate materials will be mailed out when we have 200 sign-ups for the plate.

On behalf of all of the troops and families sacrificing to protect all of our families, Thank You!