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maryland_lp200px.gifThey Support Us -- Let's Support Them!"¢

Support Our Troops® is working on having our trademark Support Our Troops! Organizational Logo Plate available in Maryland.

The design of the plate will be generally as depicted above, subject to adjustment during the MVA approval and manufacturing process.

These plates are a simple way to step up for those who have stepped up for all of us.

To reserve your Support Our Troops! Organizational Logo Plate:

01Register as a member in SupportOurTroops.Org if you are not already a member. This will allow you to be updated about the association's activities.

02We are paying the State's $25 application fee for the first year.
Take advantage of this great offer!

03Fill out the license plate application form and mail it to us
at the address indicated in the form.

04Don't forget to join Maryland's Group in the SOT Community!
The SOT community is a great resource for exchanging ideas and interacting with other members.

We will notify you when the plates are approved and available.

Until we have this done, you can continue to show your support with our trademark front vanity license plates, available in metal or plastic, available in our online store [coming soon].

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  • All funds and applications will be held in escrow until the issuance of the plate by MVA.
  • The vehicle must have current Maryland registration.
  • You must be a Maryland registered driver.
  • Annual renewal is $25 to Support Our Troops® in the month before your annual registration, which is in addition to your usual registration fee.