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Pennsylvania License Plate Support our troops

Bolt one on for the troops today!

To order your Support Our Troops! plate:

01Please pay below:

The amount is $49 if you don't buy an extra registration card. This $49 is a flat rate and revenue neutral to you regardless of where you are in your renewal cycle; it does not affect your normal registration fees, so act today!

02Fill out the license plate application form and mail it to Support Our Troops® at the address indicated in the form. We will sign and submit your application form along with payment to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
BMV will mail your Support Our Troops license plate directly to you.

Annual Renewal is handled as follows:

01You renew your plate in the normal manner for your usual registration fee directly with the BMV using the BMV's normal renewal paperwork.

02You separately pay the $25 annual usage fee to Support Our Troops®. You can pay the $25 here:

You do not need to show receipts from SOT to the BMV, or vice versa.

03Don't forget to join the SOT Community on Facebook!
The SOT community is a great resource for exchanging ideas and interacting with other members.

We will notify you when the plates are approved and available. That's it!

Spread the word!

cardoorcardflyers.jpg Car Window Notes. Download and print out this sheet of business-card-sized slips on normal paper. When you walk by a car in a parking lot that has some stickers or magnets indicating they are interested positively in the troops, slip one of these between the glass and rubber on the driver's door to let them know about this great new plate. Hand them out at events. Put them in check-out bags.

emailthumb1 Email. Please send the link to this page along to anyone else here in Florida you think would buy the plate.


The initial cost of the plate is $49.00. Of this, $25.00 goes to Support Our Troops and is used for the benefit of Pennsylvania troops and their families, and $24.00 goes to various State agencies for issuance of your plate, along with your application.

Trouble finding us to get this plate?

Please ask the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to simply put the main website address for each organization which has sponsored a specialty plate beside the picture of their license plate on the BMV website. The indiv. groups of course will maintain the currency of their contact information on this own sites. People report spending 1/2 hour being routed from person to person at the BMV until finding someone to give them the proper facts and get them to us. It would save the State time and better inform the public. Their number is 717-787-2838, and mailing address is Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Keystone Building, 400 North Street, Harrisburg, PA 17120.

They Support Us -- Let's Support Them!®

Tuesday, 31 July 2007 02:12

Who Made the Plate Possible

Written by corporate

We want everyone to know that the folks at the Pennsylvania Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the Pennsylvania Prison Enterprises were great to work with and terrifically helpful in this process.  Ms. Penni Bernard, with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Dorinda Zimmer, with Pennsylvania Correctional Industries were both great to work with.  We thank them for their prompt and courteous help.

In Pennsylvania Ben Blakely, III, Esquire stepped up to be the local Director for Support Our Troops. In each state Support Our Troops must find a man or woman to get involved and stand up for the men and women who stand up for all of us. In the Pennsylvania House this man was Ben Blakely. Nothing was asked. Nothing was given. He just immediately knew the right thing to do and responded quickly – for the benefit of others. And for that our thanks are given to him on behalf of all the troops' families that will benefit from this plate. Ben Blakely, III, Esquire, 90 Beaver Drive #6, Du Bois, PA 15801, (814) 371-2730.

Jessica VanderKolk, a reporter with the Altoona Mirror, here finds herself the subject of a short story for a change. We were so busy moving on so many fronts for the troops and their families, that we had misread portions of the license plate literature provided to us by the State and thought it required us to collect an initial block of 200 applications before normal sales could begin. Which was slowing things down. In preparation for her story, Ms. VanderKolk called PennDOT, went through everything, and found that the specialty plate literature discussing the block of 200 applications was actually a suggestion, not a requirement. We give Jessica full credit for letting us know that we could get going fast and plate orders could be filled as they were received. Thank you Jessica! The Altoona Mirror has a very good reporter. The Altoona Mirror 301 Cayuga Ave. Altoona, PA 16602 814-946-7411

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