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May 10, 2010: Soon everyone in Tennessee will be able to bolt one on for the troops! 

The 1,100 signups have been reached!

The lists are being checked against the USPS database to assure accuracy and finalized in electronic format for submission the week of the 17th to the TN DMV along with the electronic artwork the state needs for plate production.

Many thanks are due Attorney and Lobbyist Matt Scanlan in Nashville, TN for leading us through the Legislative and legal process of getting this great plate created.  Without him this plate would not exist.

Many thanks are due Dave Cooley of  Cooley Public Strategies for gathering these sign-ups in a prompt and professional manner.   Without his help this plate would not exist.

Once manufactured, the Department of Revenue Vehicle Services Division will either mail the plates to those who sign up for them, or tell us to notify you that you can pick it up at your local office. 

At that same time the plates will become available for normal purchase by the public in tag offices statewide. 

On behalf of all of the troops and families sacrificing to protect all of our families, Thank You! to everyone who signed up to make this happen for them!

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