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South_Carolina License Plate Support our troops
Bolt one on for the troops today!

Yes, today. The plates are a hot seller at all tag offices in South Carolina. This plate costs only $30 every two years.  Nothing compared to what they do for all of us.

Act Now!  Don't Delay.  Don't wait for your renewal month to get into this great new plate!. The troops didn't wait. They went half way around for the world for us; let's all do this simple thing for them!

Isn't it time to show them how much we care?

Help Spread the Word!

Car Window Notes. Print this  pdf sheet of cards out on normal paper. When you walk by a car in a parking lot that has some stickers or magnets indicating they are interested positively in the troops, slip one of these between the glass and rubber on the driver’s door to let them know about this great new plate.

Email. Please send the link to this page along to anyone else here in South Carolina you think would buy the plate.


Table Tents. Order these 6"x4.5" glossy family-friendly table tents for your desk, restaurants, dealerships, gas-stations, supermarkets, churches, beauty shops, stores, offices, and anywhere else people will see them.  $1 each covers the printing and postage to you. It's time to show them we care!

On behalf of all of the troops and families sacrificing to protect all of our families, Thank You!