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Georgia License Plate Support our troops

October, 2009 - We continue the work to put our trademark Support Our Troops! specialty plate on the road here in Georgia as part of our comprehensive program getting everyone connected up.

This effort of civilians to stick up for their troops began in 2005.  Sadly, a number of oddities and misdeeds by various political ne'er-do-wells have  delayed this simple good deed for our deployed neighbors.  This is especially immoral since there's a war on and people ought to be stepping up at their best -- like the  troops do for us.   When we have time we will assemble and post a history of these events and those involved.

If you are, or know of, a steady, honest, strong, principled, properly-positioned Legislator willing to help us make this happen, please contact us.

The specialty plate when issued by the state is expected to look like that shown above. As always, some adjustment is expected during production.

Until we have this done, everyone can continue to show your support through purchases of our trademark Support Our Troops! front vanity license plates,  available in metal or plastic in our online store.

Nonetheless, SOT in July 2008 distributed $192,867 in free goodwill food products specifically to the national guard and their families throughout Georgia. This is in addition to over $5,000,000 of the same SOT has shipped to deployed Georgia and other troops overseas.

And in late July and early August, $241,000 of the same are being tractor-trailered to Army bases within Georgia and all across America.

Join the online SOT Community (it's free) and we'll send you updates.

Please send the link to this page along to everyone else here in Georgia you think is interested in the plate.

On behalf of all of the troops and families sacrificing to protect all of our families, Thank You!


Now that the new site is open, we will be updating this page with more official news about good works for troops in and from Georgia.

July 21, 2008 - $192,867 of Good-will Treats Delivered to Georgia Guard Members and Their Families by SupportOurTroops.Org!