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alabama_lpphoto200pxBolt one on for the troops today!

Yes, today.  The plates are a hot seller at all tag offices.  The troops are more than worth it!  

Act Now!  Don't Delay.  Don't wait for your renewal month to get into this great new plate!. The troops didn't wait. They went half way around for the world for us; let's all do this simple thing for them!

Isn't it time to show them how much we care?

Don't worry about your renewal month. The Department of Revenue rules provide that this precommitment sign up is revenue-neutral to you no matter whether you are in your renewal cycle. When you sign up and pay $50 at your tag office you will be given an original of a voucher for the Support Our Troops! plate. You then simply wait and submit the voucher to them at your normal renewal month and they will give you the plate at that time. But it is critical to sign up now, because if everyone mistakenly waits until their renewal month to sign up, we will not get the required 250 precommitment signups for the Support Our Troops! plate at the tag offices before the October deadline. And if we do not, the plate will fail and will not be issued, and will not exist for the troops and their families to be bolstered and assisted by it. If once the plate is issued you decide you want to turn in your voucher and bolt the plate on, say, six months before your usual renewal month, you can. You will not pay more registration fees at that time. You will still pay your…