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Bolt one on for the troops today!

Yes, today! The plates are available at all tag offices in the state of Florida, and online.

Just go now to any of your local tag offices and take your registration and proof of insurance with you. What better show of good will.

Order a gift certificate for the plate for someone right now!

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Rep. John Mica

Support Our Troops® Salutes Congressman John L. Mica For His Donation.

Daytona Beach, December 10, 2010: Support Our Troops® would like to thank Florida Congressman John L. Mica (Ormond Beach 7th District) for his $500 contribution to the organization. His gift will go toward programs both here and abroad that promote the well-being and morale of active-duty American Soldiers and their families.

In making the donation Congressman John Mica said "Thank you for the outstanding work your Support Our Troops program performs for our service men and women. To assist with your fine work I am pleased to send along the enclosed donation. Keep up your outstanding efforts for those who proudly serve our nation." See his nice letter here.

"Congressman Mica's generosity to Support Our Troops® marks him as a true leader and patriot", said Martin Boire, Chairman of Support Our Troops. "He has set an example for all Americans to step up and stand behind our service men and women who sacrifice so much for our country and for us. On behalf of America's soldiers we salute you."

Florida is the proud home of Support Our Troops® and we have gotten this plate issued in 26 states to date!

The first Support Our Troops! license plate was snapped up by Janet Anania of Port Orange, Florida. She said It's time to show them we care. I don™t have anybody serving, but I am very grateful to those who are and want them and everyone to know it. This is a great all American plate.



If your company would like to step up for the troops and sponsor the costs incurred in getting the Support Our Troops! plate issued in Florida please contact us.

Help Spread the Word!

Car Window Notes. Print this sheet fo cards on normal paper. When you walk by a car in a parking lot that has some stickers or magnets indicating they are interested positively in the troops, slip one of these between the glass and rubber on the driver's door to let them know about this great new plate.

Table Tents. Order these 6"x5" glossy family-friendly table tents for your desk, restaurants, dealerships, gas-stations, supermarkets, churches, beauty shops, stores, offices, and anywhere else people will see them. $1 each covers the printing and postage to you. It's time to show them we care!

Email. Please send the link to this page along to anyone else here in Florida you think would buy the plate.

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All Together Now!