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The latest news on what your organization is doing for the troops!

In November 2011, Jackson National Life Insurance Company® (Jackson) donated $20,000 to Support Our Troops® to fund morale and well-being efforts for the deployed troops. The partnership began earlier this year when Jackson announced that a portion of the savings from its Green Delivery program would benefit Support Our Troops®.
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December 15, 2011 -  17% of the soldiers carrying guns out there to protect us are women. They live outside the wire, many times in tents and very often without running water for months at a time. In fact feminine products is a key thing that heads to Afghanistan in care packages.
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December 8, 2011: 4,872 cans of delicious tasty highly sought after honey roasted peanuts. Brand spanking new and now on their way to the troops in Afghanistan. Exactly the kind of treat welcomed by our brave men and women serving overseas.  This is going to make their day! And all thanks to the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline! 

They offered them to the local people during their sale.  The good people of Danville bought them for the troops. They got them to SOT, and we are getting them to the troops who are out there protecting all of us.    

"Smiles & thanks all around from Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline!" says Arlene Wilhelm. "And thanks to Dodson Distributing in Danville, VA, and SupportOurTroops.Org for helping get our 'Care to Share' honey roasted peanuts to military servicewomen and men. It wouldn't have been possible for us to complete our council wide service project without their commitment and dedication to helping us and our customers show our appreciation to our military troops through this donation."

Did you know?
The Girl Scouts of the USA has a long proud history of supporting our country and our military through service since their founding 95 years ago on March 12, 1912. Upon America's entry into World War I, Girl Scouts everywhere volunteered their services working in hospitals, staffing railroad station canteens, collecting peach pits for gas masks, growing vegetables, and selling bonds. In fact, Girl Scouts sold war bonds in 1918 totaling $9,174,000. During World War II Girl Scouts nationwide stuck to their jobs with a focus of 'Girl Scouts is Defense." They held Defense Institutes, collected rubber and scrap metal for the war effort, logged over 48,000 hours on farms under the Farm Aid program, and were "Volunteers for Victory" cooperating with local organizations and agencies in support of the war effort.

Even today Girl Scouts support America's servicemembers through letters, supplies, cookies, collecting items for wounded soldiers and their families, and more. USA Girl Scouts overseas, with headquarters in Europe and Japan since 1951, serves the daughters of military personnel forward deployed in those respective locations giving direct support to their soldiers and their families. Each year on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, Girl Scouts clean headstones and place flags on the graves of our fallen soldiers who are buried in American Cemeteries Overseas. This is a real hands on lessons for girls on the sacrifice so many have made for our country.

Thank you Girl Scouts!

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$168,000 of Food Treats is Heading Out

Written by SOT Staff

November 29, 2011: $168,000 of food treats is heading out to the front via the SupportOurTroops.Org care share program. Over 113 thousand troops will soon be enjoying a taste of home through care packages shipped out by troop-support groups supplied with these goods in the following cities and states: Okaloma City, Oklahoma; Crestline, California; Blue Springs, Missouri; Joliet, Illinois; Mandeville, Louisiana; Cypress, Texas; Simi Valley, California; Brentwood, California; Irving, Texas; Greenville, North Carolina; East Hartford, Connecticut; New Smyrna Beach, Florida; Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Coweta, Oklahoma; Bartlesville, Oklahoma; Sapulpa, Oklahoma; Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Veterans Day 2011: A Tale of Two Marches

Written by SOT Staff
"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing worth a war, is worse. A man who has nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety is a miserable creature who has no chance at being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." ~~ John Stuart Mill, via Charley Price, a vet in Florida
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Oct. 31, 2011 - SupportOurTroops.Org has started 210,000 paper packets of assorted pizza spices heading over to the troops in Afghanistan. They are being included in Care Paks shipping out by troop-support groups to a variety of deployed units, so they'l really get around. This is all thanks to a donation from the folks at, who thought it up and offered it to us. Good people! These crushed red pepper, garlic, oregano, Parmesan, and pizza spice flavors will jazz up MREs and other foods. Spice on!


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Photo of 1SG Isidore and CPT Wesley
Photo of 1SG Isidore and CPT Wesley
IRAQ, October 9, 2011 –
Support Our Troops, On behalf of the over 300 Soldiers assigned to HHC, 77th Sustainment Brigade; thank you for your support and caring hearts for the Soldiers.  The care packages and letters that you sent to us made our time in Iraq a little more pleasant!  I wish you could see the Soldiers' eyes light up each time they received a package!  Your organization and each volunteer in your organization are truly appreciated.  Thank you for your efforts in the states working to assist each Service Member around the globe.
Sincerely, Wesley _____, Captain, U.S. Army, Commanding


Support Our Troop's reply to the 77th:

Captain Wesley _____, and the Soldiers of the 77th Sustainment Brigade,


77th Infantry Division patch
77th Infantry Division patch
Thank you for a job well done.  Often without proper media or political support.   Being the best of America, you prevailed regardless.  It has been our honor to serve you while you have defended all of us and our families.  It is impossible to do enough for you when you step up for all the rest of us.   You're doing your best, and we figure you deserve our best.    It has been our goal to run an organization that facilitates the widespread desire of individual Americans who want to support you who defend all of us.   And so as you get ready to return home I want you to know that the goods we sent you were not "institutional" or "governmental" gifts.   They were the purest good-will of your neighbors and folks everywhere across this great and good nation.  They were given to us by individual people who knew you were there, and appreciated you and what you were doing so much, that they made the effort to seek us out, and get the goods to us to get to you.  People shopping at drug stores were able to buy an item at the checkout and put it in a box for us to send you.   School classrooms across America drew thank-you cards and sent them to us to send to you.   Workplaces gathered goods from employees and customers for us to send you.   Scouts across America operated a program with us to generate snack items to send you.  It all came straight from the American people, specifically for you.  Because the people know who you are and what you are doing.   Is this a great country or what? 



HHC Guidon Stand -These Yankees Will Never Forget- was HHC's motto. The NY represents the unit's lineage to New York City. The World Trade Center stands tall in remembrance of 9-11 and as a reminder to us why we are fighting. The Statue of Liberty is our unit Patch.
HHC Guidon Stand - "These Yankees Will Never Forget" was HHC's motto. The NY represents the unit's lineage to New York City. The World Trade Center stands tall in remembrance of 9-11 and as a reminder to us why we are fighting. The Statue of Liberty is our unit Patch.
I will always remember by happenstance ending up in the checkout lane at a Walgreens in Florida at which one of our care pack donation boxes was located by the cash register.  The second person in front of me was a preoccupied, harried woman checking out at the cash register.  The cashier asked her if she would like to buy one of the items in the care goods box so that it could be sent to the troops overseas.  The lady focused on the box for the first time, looked back up at the cashier, and said "no."   Then a second later she said, "I'll take two."   The cashier broke out the nicest smile I'd seen in a while, and said "and because you're doing that, I've got this coupon here, and we're going to make it three."  And that my friends, is exactly how everyday Americans feel about each and every one of you.


Cpt. Melton, I would be grateful if you would ensure that each and every one of your brigade members knows these facts.

Thank you each and all,  and may God Bless you and your families.

My Best, Martin C. Boire, Chairman, SupportOurTroops.Org


Photo of the Brigade formed up at the unit's deployment ceremony
Photo of the Brigade formed up at the unit's deployment ceremony


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