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Thursday, 12 December 2013 11:08

$5,000 to Idaho Guard & Reservists Featured

Written by SOT Staff

IdahoGuardReserve-11-2013December 2013 –  Support Our Troops® was privileged to present $5,000 to National Guard Members & Reservists in Idaho for use by them and their families.  Looking out for those who are looking out for us is a tall moral obligation, and this will make an impact at the personal level in the lives of our troops, their spouses, and their kids particularly during the holiday season.  On behalf of the troops and their families, SOT thanks all of our donors and supporter who made this possible.

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Friday, 29 November 2013 10:40

A Special Thanks to our Volunteers Featured

Written by SOT Staff


Our Troopons® program is becoming more and more successful by the day! Thank you to all of our volunteers that have sent in coupons. Each of us contributing makes a difference but together that difference can be much greater! Thank you to all of you who have been sending in your Troopons® for years, months, weeks, days, and to those of you who have just started! 
The Support Our Troops® Troopons® program enhances the well-being of overseas and domestic military families by sending them food, non-food, baby, and pet manufacturer coupons to make their hard-earned dollars go farther.

So How Do You Do This?


Send coupons you won't use to the addresses below. We'll send them to the troops!
Just mail them the cheapest way you can to:


Support Our Troops.Org
Daytona Beach, FL 32115

New to the Troopons® Program? Find more information here:



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Wednesday, 20 November 2013 02:00

$10,000 to Florida Guard Soldiers & Airmen Featured

Written by SOT Staff


November 11, 2013 -  Support Our Troops® was privileged today to provide $10,000 in financial support to the men and women of the Florida National Guard to offset impacts on recently deployed technicians. This honors and assists the Soldiers, Airmen and their families who sacrifice to preserve our great nation. Thank you all!


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Sunday, 29 September 2013 14:26

40 ft. MWR Container to Camp Humpreys in South Korea. Featured

Written by SOT Staff

KoreaOperationPopcorn2013aSeptember 29, 2013, South Korea: 

Good Job Troop 81 and Venture Crew 73 in South Korea!

SupportOurTroops.Org recently delivered a 40 foot container of MWR (morale, welfare and recreation ) materials to the 30,000+ American troops stationed in South Korea. They remain there since the Korea War to continue protecting the peaceful South Koreans against communist aggressors who would prefer to invade and tell them what to do. These MWR goods were assembled by the Boy Scouts of America on this side of the Pacific, and the Scouts on the other side of the Pacific thought it would be a good idea they helped start the distribution out to the military service members over there. So Troop 81 and Venture Crew 73 near Camp Humphreys in South Korea took over the gymnasium and started the process. Good job scouts!


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Thursday, 05 September 2013 08:47

40 foot Cargo Container to US Troops in Kuwait Featured

Written by SOT Staff

September 5, 2013, Kuwait:
SupportOurTroops.Org recently delivered a 40 foot cargo container with 12,980 pounds of tasty treats to the US troops stationed in Kuwait. Made possible by the American people and the Boy Scouts of America, this shipment transited by ocean freighter out of Norfolk. Valued at $112,000, and it will serve approximately 27,962 troops. A great show of support and reminder that we're with them.

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Idaho Capital Yellow Ribbons CloseUp2013August 29, 2013 – Boise, Idaho:

Support our Troops® was privileged to refresh the four huge yellow ribbons that adorn the Capital building in Boise, Idaho.

Said SOT's Chairman Martin C. Boire, "The yellow ribbons show the troops we all know they're there, we all care about them, and that our thoughts are with them every day. Just imagine being a military kid and seeing those ribbons and knowing that indeed people really do care about your parents."

Because the ribbons are on the people's house, where the people meet and decide how to live, and the troops act to protect the people and our families, it was right and proper for the people themselves to refresh and maintain the yellow ribbons through funds aggregated and donated through SOT.  When you ask a man or a women to step up to protect you, you in turn step up to look out for them and theirs.  It is the most fundamental of all duties.

The ribbons are a way to show our troops that we miss them and pray for their return soon, so it's appropriate to keep the ribbons vibrant," said Roy Eiguren, an Idaho lawyer and lobbyist who is the Idaho state coordinator for Support Our Troops.thumb Idaho Capital AndyReplacingCoast Guard Veteran Andy took great pride in replacing the ribbons

Yellow ribbons have been on the statehouse for perhaps ten years, placed during the administration of Gov. Dirk Kempthorne, and have been periodically replaced.

SOT® is grateful for the kind assistance and cooperation afforded by the Administration in refreshing the ribbons.

SOT® is also grateful for the assistance of our Idaho state coordinator Roy Eiguren, www.RoyEiguren.Com, in helping make this happen.

Learn more about Support Our Troops® at SupportOurTroops.Org

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Saturday, 22 June 2013 06:35

2012 Troopons Survey Results

Written by SOT Staff

 Overview of the Survey

The objectives of the Troopons Survey were to

1) provide a snapshot profile of the population that uses Troopons
2) analyze usage trends by the population Troopons serves
3) examine program benefits as perceived by users of Troopons

***A brief summary of Troopons Survey results are highlighted below***


Survey’s Findings: Military families stationed around the world depend on Troopons® to help make ends meet.

A. The typical Troopons user is a two-parent family with young children.

• 95% of Troopons users are married.
• 72% have young children.
• 80% of the adults are in their 20s and 30s.
• About 40% have annual household incomes under $ 30,000.

B. Military families using Troopons are stationed around the world.

• Over 30% are stationed in Germany
• Over 15% are in Japan
• Over 10% are in Italy
• Over 15% are in Portugal
• Over 5% are in the United Kingdom
• Over 5% are in Guam


Survey’s Findings: Military families served by the Troopons Program are consistent users of Troopons when they shop for groceries.

A. Families served by the Program are frequent users of Troopons.

• 34% had used Troopons longer than 6 months.
• About 20% had used Troopons for over a year.
• Over 60% said they use Troopons several times each month.
• 33% said they use Troopons every week.

B. Troopons use is growing.

• Over 43 % said they used Troopons more frequently in the past year than ever before.

• 39% said their usage had remained consistent in the past year.


Survey’s Findings: Military families around the world make ends meet with the help of Troopons.

A. The #1 reason families use Troopons is to save money.

• Over half said they use Troopons because they “need to save money.”

• 20% said they use Troopons to “make ends meet.”

• 10% said they are able to purchase items they could not afford otherwise.

B. Users of Troopons receive real financial assistance.

• 60% said the savings from Troopons goes to paying other bills.
• 25% said the savings go to their childʼs education.

C. Users of Troopons stretch their grocery budget.

• Over a third of families reported saving between $26 and $50 per month with Troopons.
• 29% reported savings between $51 and $150 per month.
• Nearly 10% reported savings over $150 per month.

D. Military families appreciate the benefits of Troopons compared to coupons provided by other sources. They said that Troopons are

• Easier to use
• More available
• A better value
• Provide time savings


The 2012 Troopons Survey was designed to gather information to

• demonstrate that mission-driven goals have been met;
• identify opportunities for program improvement;
• provide visibility for internal and external reviewers to gauge the performance level of    programs; and,
• communicate successes to potential funders and others interested in supporting the SOT mission.

 Project Information

Organization: Support Our Troops® (SOT®), P. O. Box 70, Daytona Beach, FL 32115 386-767-8882
Project name: Analysis of Troopons Survey and Brief Impact Report
Survey prepared by: Donna Carroll, Ph.D., Scala & Associates, LLC
Compiled on May 17, 2013


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