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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 03:34

$966,151 of MWR to the USMC Featured

Written by SOT Staff

MarineCorpsKernelJanuary 14, 2013 - 

$966,151 of  microwave and pre-popped popcorn has just been delivered by SupportOurTroops.Org to U.S. Marine Corps bases all across America.   All from individual American citizens to their troops.

It is a showing of the goodwill of the people for their troops.

The tractor-trailers delivered to 29 USMC installations around the country.

Thanks Marines and  we hope it shows you how grateful we are for what you do for all of us,€ said Support Our Troops® VP Bruce Jonas. 

Each case is labeled with a thank-you sticker.   What a fun way to show them how much we think of them!  What a tremendous gesture of good will.

Where did all this popcorn come from? From the American People!   The Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts went door to door down streets all across America and asked people if they would like to donate $25 of popcorn treats to the troops.  And at $25 to $40 a pop this many people did.

Who did this? SupportOurTroops.Org, the Boy Scouts of America, and the Trail's- End Popcorn Company teamed up to pull this off.  Said Support Our Troops Chairman Martin C. Boire: kids, you want to know how to pull off something this huge?  Get into Scouting, you'll get to organize hundreds of things.€   Who manufactured it? - Nothing but the best for our troops!  Trail's-End® popcorn is known as America's Best Popcorn. It is produced by Weaver Popcorn Company, one of the largest producers and manufacturers of popcorn products in the world. An 80-year-old, family-owned company located in Indiana, Weaver Popcorn distributes its products in more than 90 countries.

Patriotic Partners® These MWR deliveries are also made possible by Patriotic Partners of SOT like Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., and like NASCAR, who raise substantial sums of money to support our operations, and who promote on a widespread basis positive support for America's active-duty troops and their families.

About SupportOurTroops.Org. Support OurTroops.Org is the charity through which we Americans strengthen the morale and well-being of our brave active duty troops and their families.  Our programs provide millions of dollars' worth of care goods and services including family assistance, kids camp assistance, positive public support and more at hundreds of locations around the globe.  If they're there, we're with them.®

How does get all of this done? Through our free  online community forum at SupportOurTroops.Org, and a lot of hard work by a lot of good kids and adults across America. 

CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) Member #31529. Support Our Troops®  is an authorized private civilian national and international nonprofit in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).  It is the largest and most successful workplace charity campaign in the world.  Federal employees can help Support Our Troops® by designating to code 31529.

Contact SOT at 1-877-879-8882

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