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Monday, 01 August 2011 04:16

Donati Family Vineyard Donating 20% of August Sales to SupportOurTroops.Org.

Written by SOT Staff

August 1, 2011 - During the month of August the  Donati Family Vineyard and their customers are proudly stepping up for the Americans who put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms of our country.

“It takes money to ship care goods to troops overseas and put on events for military kids on the home front,  and donations from this good family and their good customers will do a great deal of good,” said Martin C. Boire, Chairman of SOT.

In water one sees one's face, but in wine one beholds the heart of another,  says the French proverb.  So take this enjoyable opportunity to express your gratitude to those who have the heart to every day risk themselves to do good for others.

Buy a case for an event.  Buy a case to share.   Buy a bottle for a gift.   Buy a bottle for yourself or your family.  Your restaurant or club can buy a case for a special event.  What nicer way to do good?

  • You can order online at
  • You can call Donati Family Vineyard with any questions toll-free at 877-511-9463.
  • You can visit the Donati Family tasting room in Templeton, California.

The Donati Family first came to Paicines on California’s Central Coast in 1998 when they purchased land that would soon become home to their spectacular estate vineyard.   Matt Donati and his father Ron, planted, groomed,  and planned for the future of the Donati Family Vineyard brand.  Americans love their families, and the Donati Family brand is truly a family affair, with sons Mark and Brad having joined the company to assist in its expansion.   Today, the guiding principles of quality and cooperation, along with a steadfast work ethic, underscore all that is accomplished in the busy days on the vineyard and at the winery.

You know, it is said that good wine and good friends are enough provision.  And in America's troops you have the best friends you could ever ask for.   They ask for nothing and are yet willing to give you and others their all.

As Jamie Becker Wine Club and Event Manager at Donati Wines put it, “I have numerous friends that have been in the service, so this is an awesome project for me to be a part of.”

So now in the good wine of the Donati Family Vineyard, you have a most excellent opportunity to return that amazing show of friendship.

Have fun and do good today! 

Donati Wines

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