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Christmas Boxes for the Troops

Written by sotstaff
November 22, 2010 - 'Tis the Season! And this is a national call for ChristmasBoxesfor the troops!

Isn't it time toshow them how much we care?

Support Our Troops® makes this call on behalf of all 60+ troop-related groups across America who are routinely sending care packages to the troops.

Pick a troop support group and send them something to send forwardto the troops! Simple! Patriotic. And it's the right thing to do.


Just use the Find-A-Groupâ„¢ locator and enter "care", or "care package" to find a troop support group of your choosing to which to send care package goods.

Or you can send it to us, via the instructions below:

Media: You are welcome to clip or  download the Christmas Box  Icon and use it in print and other electronic media to spread the word about this program.  You may link to us at this page, or reprint the written information about this program posted on this page.  No further copyright permissions are required for this purpose.

Here's how it works:

Pick the group you want to send your package to using the Find-A-Groupâ„¢ link above and send it directly to them.

Or send it to us.

Always send postage! $12.00 in stamps, check, cash or money order for each priority box. It costs a fortune to ship all of this stuff, and many troop support groups have the willpower, and manpower, but not the fortune. So send the $12.00 along inside each box!



We operate many programs benefiting the active duty troops, and money helps to make it all happen.  If you would would like to help, you can donate here.   Our FY2009 overhead was 1.3%, with over $7,200,000 in goods shipped to the troops.

The Care Package Rules:

  • Nothing less than the best for these first class people!   All first class, brand new, unopened, safety-sealed goods for America's finest.
  • Include copies of the purchase receipts for the items for safety cross-checking.
  • Include your name, address and phone number in case we need to get hold of you about the shipment. Also, be sure your name, address and phone appears legibly on the outside of the box.
  • Include a picture of your group, school and class, or such and any notes about why you did this so the troops can know how much the folks here really love, respect and appreciate them. Avoid full contact information (remember its going into a war zone with enemies).  First name and city are OK.   We want the troops and their families to know who, way back here at home, is thinking about them.
  • Cards, letters, and the like need to be unsealed and inspectable. Avoid full contact information (remember its going into a war zone with enemies).  First name and city are OK.
  • In each box you send include either $12.0 or two $4.95 United States Priority Mail® stamps. It costs that much for a troop-support group to the ship the goods onward to the troops and their families after inspection and repackaging.
  • Simple!

The following are things the troops principally request:

The items on the list below have been specifically requested by the troops. If you want to send things to the troops, these arethe things they principally want and which we can get to them. Like you, we believe in looking out for the folks who are looking out for all of us here at home.

Thanks from Afghanistan 2010
Thank you!
  • phone cards (#1 most requested item; so they can phone their loved ones)
  • VISA and M/C gift cards (#2 most requested item; gives them maximum flexibility
  • beef jerky and Slim Jim® sticks
  • powdered drink mix (to flavor their local water with)
  • hard candy
  • small earphones and ear buds
  • 1 GB and 2 GB USB memory sticks (external hard drives) (blank)
  • personal hygiene items (American made for safety of course)
    • wet wipes, individually wrapped in foil packs (not gel bottles)
    • body wipes in plastic pull-out canisters
    • disposable razors – men's and women's
    • hair bands
    • small pedicure kits
    • lip balm
    • small foot soak
    • floss
    • toothbrushes
    • foot powder
    • unscented skin lotion
    • and the like
  • iTunes cards
  • fun posters and calendars for dressing the place up
  • AA batteries
  • AAA batteries
  • movie DVD's (clean content)
  • music CDs (clean content)
  • iPODs (empty)
  • peanuts and nuts in cans with lids
  • sun block
  • tins and packets of flavored coffee and cappuccino
  • gum
  • breath mints
  • small sporting equipment

Shipping/Mailing the Troops

Individuals We are often asked by groups and individuals  if they can send packages and the like to the troops. Mailing or shipping to the troops is generally not possible unless you are related to or associated with the servicemember. This includes care goods including such things as Christmas cards, candy, donations, and miscellaneous gifts and items. These things can be sent directly to servicemembers only if you or the group you are dealing with specifically knows them and their specific US Postal Service APO/FPO mail address. The reasons are obvious, and this helps keep them safe. This Christmas Box program is organized through SOT and various vetted groups who have the ability to get items to the troops for you.

Large Business or Manufacturer Donations of Product. Large donations of new products by businesses or manufacturers are a different matter. Businesses or manufacturers desiring to donate their product for shipment, inclusion in care packages, and other transmittal to the troops may call us for the specifics necessary to meet military requirements. They essentially involve logistics, ascertainment that the product is needed by the troops and permitted to them, and security measures necessary to assure that our troops get the very best.

How to Mail Them.

If you are sending to any of the other troop-related groups:

  • simply follow the instructions on their website to which we link from the Find-A-Group search feature, and always make sure to include postage for them to use in shipping onward.

If you are sending to SupportOurTroops.Org:

  • Use U.S. Mail parcel post or priority mail only.  Do not use  UPS® or FedEx®. They do not deliver to our P.O. Box. (It may be a P.O. Box in a Federal Post Office building for safety, but we can fit a truck load of goods through it).  
  • The Post Office has good old fashioned parcel post, which is cheap and only takes about three extra days to reach us (which means more money can spent on things for the troops instead of shipping).
  • Mail them to Support Our Troops®, P. O. Box 70, Daytona Beach, FL 32115-0070. Be sure your name, address and phone is on the outside of the mailing box. Be sure you include $12.00 or two priority stamps.
  • If you are a business or wishing to donate a substantial block of any of the foregoing or similar, please use the Contact Us form for trucking and warehouse information.

Isn't it time to show them how much we care?â„¢

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