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Monday, 20 September 2010 10:44

Goodyear Tire Support Our Troops® Raffle a Great Success!

Written by SOT Staff
GoodyearRaffleLogoSeptember 20, 2010: The Goodyear Support Our Troops® raffle was a great success! It raised $26,000 for SupportOurTroops.Org. It was a great fun for a lot of people across America, and everyone had a good time.
First, Goodyear Tire stepped up for the troops by rebranding all of the race tires on the 4th of July races, having them signed by the drivers and auctioning them. A first in history, and just for the troops.

Then, Goodyear ran this raffle.

The total raised to date is $60,000! And that's a lot of good for the troops.

And now Goodyear Tire is on to the third phase of this great Goodyear Support Our Troops Program.

Through November 1st, you can stop by your local Goodyear Tire dealership and get in on the action. Participating dealers are making donations, you can donate part of your rebate checks, you get free Support Our Troops stickers, and you can make a donation to the troops.

100% of all of this goes into the pot of donated money Goodyear Tire is amassing for SupportOurTroops.Org through their Goodyear Support Our Troops Program.

As a good American you can also get on over to and get in on the action.

Help Goodyear show the troops how much we all care.

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