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Wednesday, 30 December 2009 03:27

Make Your New Years Resolution Here - with other real men and real women

Written by sotstaff
There’s a war on, and on my honor I will do my best to do for those who have stepped up for me and mine and my country.
  • I will man-up, be I male or female, and diligently support those who support me.
  • I will do tangible things for the troops.
  • I will spread the word.
  • I will secure donations.
  • I will hold a fundraiser.
  • I will hold an event.
  • I will keep in proper shape the country I ask my soldiers to protect.
  • I will pick a troop-support program or group and work to help it.
  • I will, if I am troubled by a war, think like a real man or real woman and separate the troops from the war.
  • I will never utter the words “I support the troops, but …” and I will challenge those who do.
  • I will comport myself with the same character and degree of duty that the troops do for me.
  • I will do actual things for those who do so much for me and mine.
I Seal My Pledge by joining the SOT Online Community.



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