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Popcorn Thank-yous from the Troops

Written by Corporate

Operation Popcornâ„¢. This fun program ships millions or dollars of fun free popcorn treats to the troops everywhere.  This program is an ongoing cooperating partnership project between Support Our Troops®, the Boy Scouts of America and Trail's End® Popcorn.   The program actively involves Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and average folks in every state and in most every city. It enables people to take simple, safe, fun, specific action for the troops.

Why Trail's End popcorn? It's simple:

  • "Hi, I am a Soldier in Iraq. We Love Your Popcorn!!!! We Need Your Popcorn!!!!  Every now and then we get care packages with [your] Popcorn. We love the Sweet taste of the Kettle Popcorn. The problem is we only had a couple of pack and it is gone. Now we are all craving it. Can you help us out?" ~~ SFC Benjamin ------
  • “Thank you!  This morning someone brought me a tin of Trails End Caramel Corn and told me it was a gift from you for my service to our country. Tears came to my eyes! Your gift of recognition was so nice. Thank you!” ~~ SMSgt Paula ---
  • Hello, Just read the article regarding the Boy Scout popcorn fundraiser. My son is stationed at Camp Lejeune and it was quite a nice surprise in his day when his sgt gave it to him. I received a text within 5 min of him receiving it, telling me about it.  Thanks for remembering our troops and my son. You DO make a difference in their lives! With much appreciation” ~~ Deanna G.
  • "Your [popcorn] service makes a world of difference and help to boost the morale of the service men and women throughout the world." ~~Navy Admiral.
  • "Popcorn everywhere is a big hit. Pallet that arrived here was distributed last week and was a big hit (raised morale). Troops extremely grateful.  Also received feedback from Seabees --they had their relay for life where troops ran laps for 24 hours with money earned going to charity.  Needless to say, there was plenty of popcorn to keep them awake throughout the night. The Chiefs tell me the barracks smell like popcorn 24/7 and if the troops are in the barracks, chances are they're studying their course work and staying out of trouble. OOORAH!  ~~BILL 6-9-08"
  • "Thank you very much for the generous donation of popcorn to the crew of USS Port Royal. My sailors and I greatly appreciated your thoughtfulness and the hard work that went into making your donation possible. Your patriotic support is a great encouragement to us all". Sincerely and Mahalo, David B. Adler, Captain, U.S. Navy, Commanding officer. August 12, 2008"
  • Thank you for your thoughtfulness to the needs of our troops.  The kindness you have shown makes a difference in the day-to-day lives of our service members.  God Bless you, and please keep up with the things you are doing.”  ~~ Lt. Ronald ----, USAF Wing Chaplain
  • "It is always a great thing when we can show our support and loyalty to our men and women of service, and I thank you for your hard work and commitment to our troops.”  ~~ a state Governor
  • "My sailors and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and the hard work that went into making your donation possible.  Your patriotic support is a great encouragement to all.” ~~ Capt. David -----, USN“Boy Scouts, SupportOurTroops.Org, and Trails End Popcorn Company: A short note to pass on our sincerest gratitude to you all for donating thousands of cases of Trails End popcorn.  We received your shipment a couple of weeks ago and have been busy distributing it to the work centers, MWR centers, military Passenger terminals, etc. and have heard nothing but praise for you and the support you have for our US forces.  Many of us were Scouts and remember the great things we did as young men & women, it is fantastic to see the Scouting program continuing to support the troops. Again, our sincerest gratitude to you all for the support of our forces both deployed and at home.  Our Soldiers, Airman, Marines and Sailors thank you and say "Job Well Done!" Respectfully, ~~ Major Gerald --------, Commander, Baghdad.
  • “On behalf of the USO, I would tike to thank you for your generous donation of 15,720 packets of Trails-End Microwave Popcorn to Operation US0 Care Package. These items have been placed in care packages for distribution to our troops sending in the war against terrorism. We rely on contributions from companies such as yours to help us lift the morale and meet the many needs of our soldiers here and abroad". ~~ Edward P----, President, US0 Worldwide Operations.“On behalf of our troops at the 163d Reconnaissance Wing, CA Air National Guard, we want to say Thank You! Please pass on our sincere gratitude to the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts of America for their hard work raising money to donate popcorn for our troops. What a wonderful program and way to thank our men and women and their families for their to our country by providing them with this treat! Your kindness is sincerely appreciated by our members, their families and countless American Troops serving our nation around the world.” Sincerely,  ~~ Debbie H---- Wing Family Program Coordinator.
  • For three consecutive years, SupportOurTroops.Org and its affiliates have collected and shipped millions of dollars of product to U.S. service members serving abroad, whether it is the “Warfighter" serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait, the war-wounded being treated in medical treatment facilities around the world, or Sailors and Marines serving on ships deployed worldwide. Your organization's can-do spirit and steadfast efforts have improved the quality of life of thousands of troops each year. Through your personal efforts and that of your affiliates, your work serves as a constant reminder to those serving so far from home that they are supported by communities and neighborhoods nationwide. On behalf of troops serving worldwide, please pass on to your staff and your affiliates a sincere ‘Thank You’ for the unyielding support that they continue to provide.”  ~~  Bill W----, Navy MWR Command
  • Just wanted to pass along my genuine thanks and appreciation for the caramel corn! Very nice surprise to say the least!!!” ~~ Tara ---, USAF

What Goes Around Comes Around – A True American Tale

September 7th, 2008 Lake Ridge, VA -- A Pack was working a popcorn booth sale at the Giant in Lake Ridge, VA on Sunday morning. You could not have asked for a prettier morning to be holding an outdoor fundraiser. As the boys greeted the customers, asking them to support their Cub Scout Pack, many of them would stop and talk for a minute. There was one gentleman that stood out among the rest – an American soldier that had served in Iraq. He began telling us his story about his time in Iraq. You see, this soldier was the very happy and appreciative recipient of some of our popcorn while serving in Iraq! He told us how they would get shipments and everyone was excited when they would see all the popcorn. They even shared it with the Iraqis that they were working with. He said how everyone loved it and how it would lift their spirits. While serving our country in Iraq, this soldier made a solemn trip to Walter Reed Medical Center after being injured in Iraq. He spent over a year and a half there while he recovered. And, while there, he again received popcorn from Operation Popcorn as a gift! Now that he is back at home, he wanted to make a military popcorn donation to us so that he could give another soldier a gift that meant so much to him. So remember, anything's possible with Operation Popcorn!! As this soldier relayed in his story, what you are doing through Scouting makes a difference.









A NY local story:

October 3rd 2008:  Scouts in Western New York, Greater Niagara Frontier Council , BSA, get a sincere  iraqmosul3rdarmoredthanks.jpgThank You!  from a popcorn recipient.

LT. Pete -----, 3rdArmored Calvary Regiment, from Kenmore, NY and District Executive Pat Covell are depicted in the picture to the left.  Lt. Pete ---- is a local military serviceman who received popcorn in Iraq.  He was recently visiting home for a two week leave from Iraq and stopped by the Greater Niagara Frontier Council to visit friend District Executive Pat Covell, Southern Hills District.  He is an Eagle Scout from Troop 225 is in the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment stationed in Mosul, Iraq, told everyone that his unit received SuppotOurTroops.Org Trail's End Operation Popcorn Carmel Corn with peanuts this past February and wanted to thank all the local Scouts in Western New York for their support in the Operation Popcorn military popcorn sale and is looking forward to more popcorn being shipped this year.  He said everyone in his unit enjoyed the carmel corn. The Council presented him with some new Trail Mix, Carmel Corn Light and Microwave popcorn to enjoy during his stay back in Western New York. Great job Scouts for all you're doing to Support Our Troops®.

From Pack 3176

Hello to all in 3176, I had to tell you this...At Trader Joe's on Saturday, Shirley Lang and Den 5 were selling when a man came up to look at their table. He asked the boys for the large caramel tin. They gave him one and he said..."I would like two please". The boys were excited when he said this and gave him the extra tin. The man then told them..."Last year I was in Iraq. One day we received popcorn from the States with a note saying that the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts of America sold popcorn and collected donations to send corn to the troops in Iraq. My unit was in high spirits that day because we realized that the youth of America was doing their part to let us know that they appreciated us. Thank you boys from this soldier and all the others that I served with. I will always buy Trail's End popcorn from the Scouts to show MY support to you."  How awesome is that?  Shirley was very moved by this man as was I when I heard her story. Just goes to show that we are not only helping our boys with these sales, but we are helping those serving over there feel appreciated!

Just had to share, Kelsey -----


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