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Sunday, 16 December 2007 04:54

Popcorn Project Report

Written by Corporate

Popcorn Shipments to Date. 

    • Pacific Fleet Summer Treat. In July Support Our Troops.Org  shipped Navy Sailors and Marines in the entire Pacific Fleet 107 TONS (214,110 lbs; 558,000 individual gift packets) of microwave flavored popcorn treats. The Navy dubbed it “Operation Popcorn” and did a very nice press release for us. Support Our Troops® moved the popcorn from the Trails End Popcorn Company in Indiana to the Naval Magazine at Indian Island in Washington State. It was loaded on the USNS Flint, a 564 foot ammunition ship leaving for a Naval base in the Pacific Ocean. And from there it went to all the other ships.
    • A nice thank you letter from Admiral Willard.
    • A Navy and our press release.
    • A picture of the popcorn being checked for loading on the ammo ship.
    •  Learn More.
    • Care Packages Supplied. In August, Support Our Troops.Org delivered 18,150 microwave popcorn packets for inclusion in Care Packages to the troops
    • Christmas Packages.  In October 2007 SupportOurTroops.Org delivered 22,000 microwave popcorn packets for inclusion in personal holiday boxes for those deployed in Southwest Asia. 1,000 holiday boxes are being prepared in Bahrain for distribution to our neighbors who are serving to keep us all safe. Each box contains 2 popcorn packets, 1 paperback book; 1 cross word puzzle or word matching book; 2 cans of soda/juice; 2 bags of snack chips and cookies; no-melt candies; lip balm; chewing gum; 1 60-minute international prepaid phone card; assorted toiletries; and a holiday greeting card. This popcorn was purchased for the troops by customers of the Cub Scouts' and Boy Scouts' annual popcorn sale, as part of a program annual conducted by Scouting, the Trails End Popcorn Company, and SupportOurTroops.Org. A real morale booster and something nice form home for those who are half way away the world protecting us and our families during the Christmas season.
    • Operation Popcorn. In this joint project between Support Our Troops.Org, the Boy Scouts of America and Trails-Ends Popcorn Company, $4,750,000 in popcorn donations have been made by people around America and Support Our Troops® is facilitating its good will delivery to most active duty troops and families around the world and here at home.

Who Did This?  There are four parties involved.
  1. The Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts went door to door this Fall on streets all across America asking people to make the gift.
  2. Average folks down every street in America made the gifts to make this happen.  It is an honest true-blue expression of the feelings true Americans have for what our troops  do to keep us all safe.
  3. Trail's End Popcorn Company manufactures the popcorn.
  4. Support Our Troops® is coordinates matters, interfaces with the military,  and gets the popcorn to the troops.

Q. What is the role of Support Our Troops® We are coordinating a number of the matters involved, assisting in the general planning to make it happen, and are getting the popcorn distributed to all of the troops and their families worldwide. 

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