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Thank YOU

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You are beaYOUtiful, you are strong, you are one of a kind.  You are giving without the expectations of a reward.  

You are the delight on a two years face, you are the energy of a playful puppy.  What you have given in no measure can be returned to you.  

You are the laughter on a brothers face, you are the silence of a mountain.  You are the breath of a lifetime.

You are the courage of the wise,  you are the heart of a nation.

You are a soldier.  Simple.  Sincere.  Special.

Thank YOU.


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My great grandfather was declared dead at 6:15 on Sunday December 02,2012. What could of caused his death there are so many possiablities. Hes was a diabetic, hew was on dialysis, he also had an infection that reached his blood.Most of importantly he was a Veteran. He had cheated death so many times. He had a fear of death. Its taking a pretty good toll on all of us. Every 2 seconds theres 1 death. We realized he was going fast, we just didn't realize we were going to loos him that fast. 

The day before on Saturday December 01,2012 his blood sugar was down to 99 and we tokk him to the hospitial at about 730 Am...He was so weeek. My great grandmother kept telling us that he wouldn't be here come Christmas. We didnt want to believe her cause he has cheated death so many times. We have been told that he won't come through something time and time again. We didn't want to believe that he was gone. 


The lack of sleep. The tears filling our eyes as we tell those that their grandfather is dead we all will remeber like he was. We know where he is now. Hes watching over us he is also watching over his fellow soliders. He was afraid of death just as we were afraid to loose to him. As many watched him take is last breath on the Sunday December 02,2012 we know that he is dancing around and probally having a ball...Just before he died he was reaching for things that wasnt there we think that was his way of telling us that im going to be leaving this world soon. We think that he was reaching for his son. Hes in a better place.





Entry 1 November 30,2012

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As I stand with friends and family gathered around. I notice the tension that is building up inside. I take one good look around at everyone gathered around and see tears starting to fill everyones eyes. Finally I look at the flag and say. It stands for freedom. They cant take that away.  All the men and women who died to give us that freedom brings tears to my eyes, but joy to my heart cause I know that if it hadn't been for them then we wouldn't be able to stand here today. For all that is done I want to say thank you to our men and women serving our country. I want them to know that I will be ready to grab my gun and defend our country just like them. This is our country we love it so true. Thank you to all men and women for helping us keep what is rightfully ours. We will never forget those we lost. We love you and God Bless!!!



Courtney K. Hart-Ohio

Fundraising Ideas!

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Hey, everyone. Trying this website out. I have a couple fundraisers that my school and community have done and are going to do, might try it out i have had a lot of luck. 

1. I met a guy that carves wood for a living and he donates a carving, this year a soldier and an American flag. I will sell the tickets a dollar a piece and the community really gets involved and they get something back last year i raised 300$ including the extra donations. 

2. Since I'm a Jr. in High School i can get my school involved and we have class competitions and we have a school of 150 kids in high school and we raised almost 700$

3. Last one is to let the schools know (Stuco Leaders) and they will always help out! Either getting the school involved, making a large donation, and/or helping spread the word of what your doing! 


Don't give up, everything counts! 

If you have any pictures of members, Could you email me so i could talk about getting some of those? My family members that served are no longer with us and i would like to put together a slide show for my fellow classmates so they get a more real feeling out of the whole deal besides just fun and games for a month! Thanks, Sincerely Chloe

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