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Soldier's Families

Courage Cakes - Sharing special moments away from home

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I am a student at the University of Washington enrolled in an Entrepreneurship class where make a business plan, acquire funding, and create a company. The group that I am in has been drawn to the field of supporting our troops. The means by which we decide to do so is through small cakes cooked in jars. These small cakes would be easy to pack, durable and a nice treat. With our cakes we can allow family members to share special moments, such as anniversaries, birthdays, etc., with loved ones over seas. 


The reason I am posting is because I am curious to see if there are any outlets or newsletters that anyone would know of that would allow us to reach out to families and friends of troops overseas and raise awareness about our product. Also I am open to any suggestions or your thoughts on our venture. Any advice would help us out greatly.




JB Gibson

(206) 235 8185

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Ps: here is a prototype. We are still searching for jars and we are thinking about adding a feature that would allow a family ordering a cake to upload a picture or something and putting it on the lid.


Looking for Soldiers to Write/Send Videos to

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I am an elementary teacher (K-5) in one of the poorest cities in the United States, Camden,NJ. I am looking for soldiers that our students can email and send videos to during the school year. Any information will be helpful. Looking to hear from you soon.

Thank you,
David Casimir
George Washington School
1033 Cambridge St.
Camden,NJ 08105


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I have two sons presently in the military. The youngest is 17 yrs. old, in college and a Pvt. in the Marine Reserves, and the oldest, a Lt. Col., 43 yrs. old,  Deputy Provost Marshal, I Corps, U.S. Army, a 4 time Iraqui veteran with 2 Bronze Stars, who will retire next year with 24 years service.

The Recurring Connection to My Uncle, PFC Floyd Cheatham

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Floyd Cheatham's grave in Luxemburg

It is to me strange how the connection to my Uncle Floyd Cheatham keeps recurring. I have often thought during my life of him buried there, and me being here and alive. My mom divorced when I was five years old and had custody of my brother and I. During my brother’s turmoils during our youth I often wondered how all of the chemistry might be different if Floyd were still around to help my mom stay on top of my brother and I.

In 2001 when my dad learned we had swapped homes with a Parisian family for six weeks, and were going to visit Floyd’s grave in Luxemburg while we were there, he told me a story. He had a neighbor directly across the street from them. She is a German who married an American. Helga and Bill had had company for several days.