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Veterans of Modern Warfare - The Veteran's Group for You

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Just back from service?  Looking for others like you to talk to?

Served 1990 forward?

Do you know someone who is? A neighbor perhaps?

Do you want to be around people who have done what you've done?

You need to link up with Veterans of Modern Warfare (VMW).

Internet deployed.

Instantly and always with you.

VMW is SOT's Veteran Partner. VMW serves you, and through VMW you can continue to serve.

Do you have any idea how much VMW can do for you?


About VMW
Veterans of Modern Warfare is the Newest National Wartime Veterans Service Organization, focused on mutual assistance to Veterans with military service from 1990 - the time of the Persian Gulf War which ushered in a new era of modern warfare - through the present, including the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Mission of VMW is to support you and your family by:

  • Providing education and information about the benefits you have earned
  • Assistance in obtaining your benefits
  • Advocacy in issues important to our generation
  • Camaraderie through locally based, national chapters

VMW is different. VMW has a national structure and chapters like other Veterans organizations, which help to foster comradeship with fellow member Veterans who have had experiences similar to our own. And, like the Vietnam Veterans before us, we have a pledge to never forget other generations of Veterans' present, future, or past.

But, VMW is intent on staying tightly focused with a sense of common purpose aimed at achieving end results on issues that matter to the membership. And, VMW communicates as it needs to, using modern technology, and is comfortable meeting monthly wherever it finds appropriate space.

VMW members have served in over 140 countries around the globe, in missions ranging from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to peacekeeping, peacemaking, counternarcotics, counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, and more.

VMW members are much younger than the members of other existing Veterans service organizations. VMW members are used to serving in organizations that are ethnically and socially diverse, like today's military. VMW members are accustomed to women in combat roles. VMW members are likely to have experienced "Stop Loss," multiple Guard and Reserve activations, and multiple hazardous duty tours" all in times of increased national disunity.

If this sounds like you, and your honorable military service in the U.S. Armed Forces (including federally activated Guard and Reserve) was August 1990 or later, you're already one of VMW. Now, join VMW. There's strength in numbers!