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Operation Popcorn® Control Center - 2012

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Welcome to the Operation Popcorn Control Center! You'll find everything you need to know on or linked from this page.

Email troops with popcorn shipmentHey Scouting Parent
Great new FREE feature:

Register in the SOT Community and your scout can send an email to the troops along with the popcorn!

(To register as a scout, please make sure to check the "Scouting popcorn program member" question in the registration form)

Popcorn Photo Gallery

iraqsoldierswithpopcorn52 iraqsoldierwithpopcorn.jpg iraqsoldierwithpopcorn0438.jpg iraqsoldierwithpopcorn0439.jpg koreaarmydelivery1.jpg koreaarmydelivery3.jpg

Pop Over to Our Popcorn Photo Gallery!

Boy Scouts

Thank you so much for thinking of us when we think people have forgotten about us. We really appreciated al the support
~~ Airborne troop - August 2010

Buy Trails end PopcornBuy Trail's End® Popcorn from Scouts for military troops around the world!

 You Can Order Online Throughout the Year!

Each military donation level is available on the Scout's paper order form and on throughout the year.

  1. Your purchase will:Benefit Scouting in your community
  2. Send popcorn snacks to military troops around the world!


Scout Resources

  • Operation Popcorn Flyer (Popcorn for Our Troops). Download. 359.74 Kb
  • Popcorn for Our Troops Banner as pdf.
  • Thank-you card which we send to the troops with the pallets of popcorn. Download.
  • Support Our Troops® Official Logo. Download.
  • Thank-you letter from Navy Admiral. Download.
  • Thank-you photo from Navy Captain and his crew. Download
  • Soldiers in Iraq enjoying with popcorn. Download.
  • Thank-you letter from USS Port Royal. Download
  • The Marines saying thank-you with heart. Download
  • Send an email to the troops with your Trail's End popcorn!


Media Resources

  • TV: To get local Scouts into your studio, email Trail's End.
  • TV:Video: Learn more about Popcorn For Our Troops! Change to Military Seminar Bumper MP4 Video
  • Press: Military  Donation - Popcorn for Our Troops as jpeg. 
  • Press: Military  Donation - Popcorn for Our Troops as pdf.
  • Press: Operation Popcorn Flyer as jpeg. Download.
  • Press: Operation Popcorn Flyer as pdf. Download .
  • Press: Navy dockside loading of Operation Popcorn pallets going to the troops. Download.
  • Press: Scouts loading popcorn shipments into truck. Download.
  • Press: See also the photo gallery and Scout Resource postings above.

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