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Operation Popcorn®

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operation-popcorn-lgA huge hit with the troops, Operation Popcorn® enhances the morale and welfare of the deployed troops worldwide by sending them a taste of home via millions of pounds of free popcorn and snack treats every year.

Americans!  Scouts!  Look what you have done!
In 2011 alone over $15 million worth of popcorn and snack treats provided by the Boy Scouts was shipped to U.S. troops through Operation Popcorn!

Thank you! This morning someone brought me a tin of popcorn and told me it was a gift from you for my service to our country. Tears came to my eyes! Your gift of recognition was so nice. Thank you! ~~ SMSgt Paula ---

Hi, I am a Soldier in Iraq. We Love Your Popcorn!!!! We Need Your Popcorn!!!! Every now and then we get care packages with [your] Popcorn. We love the Sweet taste of the Kettle Popcorn. The problem is we only had a couple of pack and it is gone. Now we are all craving it. Can you help us out? ~~ SFC Benjamin ------, Iraq.

This program serves our neighbors who are stationed and deployed around the world, at sea in international waters, in the air, in Japan, South Korea, Germany, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and the like. It also serves Guard and Reserve units and families at home by distributions to National Guard Armories, Guard Family Assistance Centers. It also serves servicemembers and their families on domestic military bases across the country by shipment, to military bases located across America. And it serves VA Hospitals, Warrior Transition Units and Veteran's Posts across America.

The program actively involves Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and everyday folks down most every street in America. It enables people to take simple, safe, fun, specific action for the troops. Most every Scout Council in every state participates. The Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts go door to door down streets in every state and ask people if they would like to send some free popcorn or other snack treats to the troops. All shipments come with signage from us civilians here at home thanking the troops for protecting us and our families.

Who does this?
SupportOurTroops.Org, with the help of and the Boy Scouts of America, executes this program yearly.   Support Our Troops Chairman Martin C. Boire says  "We are immensely grateful to the Boy Scouts of America and to the general public, without which Operation Popcorn would not be possible.  We especially commend the hard work and diligence of the Scouts who have helped us deliver millions of delicious popcorn treats to the men and women of the military over the last few years."

So where does all this popcorn come from? Only from you buying pocorn and snacks from Scouts!

Why Operation Popcorn?

Why Operation Popcorn? Let the Troops Tell You!

"Your [popcorn] service makes a world of difference and help to boost the morale of the service men and women throughout the world." ~~Navy Admiral.

"Thank you!  This morning someone brought me a tin of  popcorn and told me it was a gift from you for my service to our country. Tears came to my eyes! Your gift of recognition was so nice. Thank you!” ~~ SMSgt Paula ---

"It is always a great thing when we can show our support and loyalty to our men and women of service, and I thank you for your hard work and commitment to our troops.”  ~~ a State Governor

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