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K-9 Soldier Treats

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The Military Paws Support Program directly impacts morale and welfare of troops worldwide who handle America's K-9 soldiers by providing them with a variety of dog care items to foster a good environment for the dog and handler.

K-9 soldiers work side by side with our troops to keep them safe and assist them in their duties, and their handlers greatly appreciate supplies received through this program.

These dogs work hard for a living, and for us! Let's thank them!

Do you love animals?
Well, the United States has more than 2,000 military working dogs deployed worldwide. Military working dogs are an integral part of the missions around the globe. These K-9 soldiers often work long hours in heat and sandstorms, just like their handlers.  Their keen sense of smell and unique training provide their handlers with assistance in detecting explosives and drugs. The military also relies on military dogs to provide security on bases around the world. All to keep our servicemembers safe.

Donate to our Military Paws Program Today
Even a small donation helps us pay for shipping costs and other expenses connected to our Military Paws program. We are doing a lot of good with it and you can help! Click here to Donate now.

SupportOurTroops.Org is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donation is fully tax deductible.


Send Dog Care Items for Military Paws to SOT.
If you want to send SOT things for us to send forward to Military Paws serving around the world, The following are the things the troops principally request for their Military Paws:

K9 cooling vest
K9 cooling mat
K9 cooling collar
K9 booties
K9 goggles
K9 collapsible nylon dog bowl
K9 3" rubber ball
Large rope chews
K9 eye drops
K9 ear wash
K9 Advantix, flea and tick
K9 salve for paws and noses
Towels to wipe paws
K9 shampoo and conditioner
K9 grooming tools,(combs, brushes, etc.)
K9 beds or pillows
K9 toothpaste and brush
K9 biscuits (1lb boxes)
K9 jerky (beef, rice, vegetable, etc.)
K9 treats
K9 dry food
K9 wet food

The Rules
Nothing less than the best for these first class people and K-9s!
All first class, brand new, unopened, safety-sealed goods for America's finest.
Please include copies of the purchase receipts for the items for safety cross-checking.
Please include your name, address and phone number in case we need to get hold of you about the shipment. Also, be sure your name, address and phone appears legibly on the outside of the box.

Please include a print-out of a digital picture of your group, school and class, or such and any notes about why you did this so the troops can know how much the folks here really love, respect and appreciate them and their K-9s. We want the troops and their families to know who, way back here at home, is thinking about them.


How to Send Them to Us.
Mail them to:
Support Our Troops®
P. O. Box 70
Daytona Beach FL  32115-0070

Just use regular parcel post, which is very cheap and only takes about three extra days to reach us.

If you want to ship by delivery service or truck line, please contact use the contact us form and we will provide the appropriate warehouse street address for you to use.

Be sure your name, address and phone is on the outside of the mailing box.

If you are a company or manufacturer wishing to donate a substantial block of any of the foregoing or similar, please contact us for trucking and warehouse information.