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Military Kids Education Fund

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Education-fund-lgThe SOT® Education Fund is growing to pay for middle through graduate public and private education for children of our active duty military.  Children are America’s future, and education is a parent’s most important concern. This fund will provide military kids the same educational opportunities available to civilians, which are not typically available to them through government programs, thereby enhancing the morale and well-being of America’s troops by looking out for their kids’ futures while they look out for ours.

Morally, should the deployed troops' kids wait while we who are they are protecting get our kids off to school on time?

Various state and federal laws provide limited education benefits for children of deceased soldiers.  But what about children of soldiers who are alive and deployed?

Most existing educational benefit statutes do not provide assistance for children of deployed military.   Yet military logistical support (communication, transportation, and the like) were moved down to the Guard level several decades ago.  The result is that when the military deploys for peacekeeping, disaster relief, war, or conflict, working moms and dads are deployed.  And their income drops.

If our neighbor is deployed to look out us and ours, do we have a moral obligation to look out for theirs?

The Support Our Troops Education Fund is patriotic private money®®® at work for our troops and their families.  A good moral lesson and encouragement.   The troops do not fight for the government. They fight for families, friends, and neighbors – the people.   And the creation of this education fund will be a major acknowledgment of that faith.

Once funded, it will enable us to personally look out for their kids the way they look out for ours.  And we don't even have to risk our lives to do it.

Step up and help build this education fund!

Fund the fund today! Donate here.