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Help Wanted

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We need volunteer help in the following areas:

  • Good News Posters to locate and post news items and reports of the good things being accomplished by our troops around the entire world.
  • State Moderators for each state's web page in the Community and forum.
  • State Level Board of Advisor Members. Each state is overseen and shepherded by a state level Board of Advisors. These are composed of notable business owners, elected Representatives, church representatives, and the like. Curious?
  • State Coordinator to take charge and oversee the organization of things in their state.
  • Rainmakers who are skilled at finding donors an funding. It takes money to make great things happen, and the more there is, the more we can do for the troops.
  • Grant writers to pursue same.
  • Basic Internet Research. This is easy to do at home. People to compile mailing lists for various purposes from lists found on the web. Involves cutting and pasting and proofing at your computer using Word, Excel, and so forth. Lists such as DMV offices in your state, certain types of chain stores, and the like, so we can mail flyers to promote the license plate and other things.
  • Plate Sponsors. Your church or business may help us by sponsoring the substantial costs Support Our Troops® incurs in getting the license plate issued.