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Chairman's Message

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A message from Martin Boire, Chairman

Over 90% of Americans have never served in the military. I am one of them, and this message is my opportunity to share with you my personal belief that civilian support is essential to the well-being of our troops and their families.  Support Our Troops® was founded as a means of meeting our moral obligation to do all we can for those who step up to preserve our liberties, livelihoods, and businesses.

Consider this. Your neighbor goes off to protect your family. Morally what should you do for him?  For her?  How?  Support Our Troops® provides easy ways for you to make a difference through a variety of meaningful, substantive programs and services.

Started in Florida, Support Our Troops® has grown to cover the entire nation.  This nationwide charitable resource was not available to previous generations of troops, and now stands as a permanent living testament to the affection, gratitude and loyalty good Americans hold for those who daily do so much for all of us.  Everyday people focused on those who protect us.


Thank you.

Martin C. Boire, Chairman

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